President's Message

The sustainability of any organization depends on how amicably commitments are transformed into action. The confidence you gave to this National Council expects a radical changes. The steps taken in the leadership of my predecessor have set priorities and a ground towards right direction. This is for the first time any President of the Institute set an example to voluntarily accept the decisions made in-principle before it become the law.

We intend to maintain this tradition and planning to set goals for next year and there onward I expect from the Council to decide new leadership to lead the Institute. I am lucky enough to work with Mr. Kashif when he was kind enough to complement my initiatives and ideas which supported me a lot in discharging my responsibilities as Vice President and Chairman of Examinations and Research & Publications Committees. I think this was the reason that the Council has showed its confidence and transfer leadership of this prestigious Institute to me. The dream come true when for the first time in 65 years of history of the Institute, a member from Manchester of Pakistan not only get elected on the Council of the Institute but also become its President.

In order to bring good governance, we are going to implement performance oriented culture and will also engage all members through the disclosure of transparent information. Among the priorities, we set to take quick decisions by having more meetings of the National Council, Executive and other Committees. We intend to make an independent and empowered Secretariat to serve students and members without any influence of the Council members.

We decided to give priority to (i) amendments in Chartered Management Accountant Bill; (ii) launch new Syllabus; (iii) initiate process to amend CMA Regulations; (iv) continue advocacy to effectively pursue our case with SECP and other regulatory bodies; (v) global collaboration; (vi) completion of CMA Tower at Karachi; (vii) construction of Faisalabad campus building; (viii) develop corporate identity guidelines; (ix) undertake organizational development exercise so as to align Institute's functions with best international practices, setting KPIs for departments and accordingly decide alignment of salaries; and (x) settle all litigations and enquiries judiciously.

The capacity of the Institute to meet its expenses from operational revenue and to take growth initiatives is very much depending on how early we can overcome ongoing deficit of the Institute. I am confident that above-mentioned measures will regain confidence of members, students, prospects, corporate sector and other stakeholders in general and would In-sha-Allah significantly help in making us self-sufficient with less reliance on financial income.

Last but not the least, it is my personal desire to bring unemployment among our members at zero-level. A proposal to make the Management Accountancy top tone in the industry is also under active consideration. It will be unfold after the approval of the Council. May Almighty Allah enable us to achieve this goal for the interest of all the community of Management Accountant.

I hope to have full support of our members' community, hence these goals may be achieved in true letter and spirit. Please feel free to contact me and any of my Council members and Executive Director to apprise you with your suggestions. We look forward to have your continued support.

With utmost regards

Mohammad Iqbal Ghori, FCMA