Periodical Publications

The Institute's periodical publications are as follows:

Management Accountant's Journal

The Management Accountant is an official journal of the Institute which benefits both members and students in particular and its readers in general to update their knowledge about International Accounting Standards, new management concepts, changing business scenarios and spectacular developments taking place in Information Technology.


The Newsletter, on monthly basis, keeps its stakeholders aware about Institute's activities and progress. It covers Institute's CPD events, members, new membership, job placements, and other activities of the Institute.

Pre-Budget Proposal

The Pre-Budget Proposal is yearly activity through which the Institute suggests various budgetary proposals andeconomic measures to the Ministry of Finance and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for consideration.

Post-budget Commentary

The Post-budget Commentary is prepared to benefit members, students and other stakeholders so as to abreast them with summary of the budget.