Diploma in Islamic Finance

The course is designed as an elementary for certified Islamic finance professional. This is introductory course in Islamic financing. The course will provide a unique thinking about conventional and Islamic financial system. This course also covers capital market and Islamic insurance. This course will add value in the area of emerging finance hence participants will be better equipped to face the real world.

Objective of the Programme

  • To introduce the Philosophy and update on Islamic Finance
  • To inculcate the concept of Riba (Interest) and its prohibition as per Islam
  • To justify the existence of Islamic finance as a separate field of business
  • To acquaint with the procedure of Establishment and Operations of Islamic Financial Institutions
  • To introduce the Products and Services offered by IFIs including selling and sharing modes
  • To inculcate Securitization process and principles of Sukuk in Islamic finance and to introduce the concept of liquidity management and investment in marketable securities
  • To introduce the concept of house financing mechanism under Shari’a compliant financial system
  • To introduce the mechanism of trade financing and rental financing
  • To introduce the concept of Takaful as a halal mean of risk mitigation
  • To acquaint with the risk management in Islamic banking
  • To inculcate the concept of asset management through Islamic banking
  • To understand the process of maintaining accounting records of Islamic banking

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of concept of Riba and philosophy of Islamic financial system
  • Ability to design financing products under Islamic financial system
  • Portfolio construction and management for an Islamic financial institution
  • Ability to manage trade and housing financing facilities under Islamic financial system
  • Ability to prepare and extract information from financial reports of an Islamic bank
  • Ability to work independently in an Islamic financial institution
  • Ability to work as Takaful professional
  • Ability to understand the process of maintaining accounting records of Islamic banking

Course Facilitators

Karachi Main Campus

  • Mufti Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed
    Shariah Advisor, Islamic Banking Division, Bank of Punjab
  • Mufti Syed Sabir Hussain
    Resident Shari’ah Board Member, Muslim Commercial Bank
  • Mufti Muhammad Abdullah
    Resident Shariah Board Member & Head Shariah Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank (Pak) Ltd
  • Mufti Ehsan Waquar Ahmad
    Shariah Advisor, Allied Bank Limited
  • Mufti Mohib ul Haq
    Shariah Advisor, Faysal Bank Limited
  • Mufti Zeeshan Abdul Aziz
    Shariah Advisor of Sindh Bank-Islamic Banking Division, Sindh Bank Ltd.
  • Mufti Nadeem Iqbal
    Shariah Advisor, Soneri Bank Limited
  • Mufti Irshad Ahmad Aijaz
    Shariah Supervisory Board Member, BankIslami Pakistan
  • Mufti Javed Ahmad
    Shariah Supervisory Board Member, BankIslami Pakistan
  • Mufti Abdul Rehman
    Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM) & Head of Shariah Compliance (HSC), United Bank Limited
  • Mr. Muhammad Haris Bandukda
    Member of Darul Itfa, Jamia Qurtuba
  • Mr. Aziz Adil
    Co-Founder Interconnect Islamic Financial Services
Islamabad Campus

  • Mr. Tariq Naseem
    Joint Director - Policy, Regulation and Development Department, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
  • Mr. Jamshed Farid Zia
    Internal Trainer & Manager Personal Banking Department, Meezan Bank Limited
  • Mr. Ali Ashraf Usmani ACCA
    Shar’iah Auditor, Meezan Bank Limited
Other Details


Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or equivalent qualifications recognized by HEC.

Professional qualifications.


Total duration will be 5 months [72 lecture hours].

Two 2 classes of 2 hours each on Saturday and Sunday only.

CPD Hours:

72 CPD Hours.


Rs. 25,000/- per participants.

Registration deadline:

12th May 2017


Initially the Diploma is being offered at Karachi & Islamabad main campus and shortly it will start at other centres also.


The facilitator will conduct an examination on the last day of the programme and prepare result of each participant.


Each successful participant will be issued a certificate of the Diploma.

Detailed Contents:

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For registration, interested candidates are advised to contact:
Mr. Shamim Ahmed
Main Campus of South Region, ICMAP Building, ICMAP Avenue, St-18/C, Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi 75300. Tel: 021-99243356 Ext. 224
Email: khi@icmap.com.pk

Muhammad Rais Raja
Islamabad Centre Plot No. 16, Sector H/9, Islamabad Phone: 051-9265215-18 (Ext. 106) Cell: 0313-5076219 Email: muhammad.rais@icmap.com.pk

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