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16 May
70th Directors Training Programmme
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27 Apr
Convocation Ceremony on Saturday 27th April 2024 at PC Hotel Karachi
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26 Apr
Eid Milan 2024 Islamabad
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The students on qualifying examinations and meeting membership requirement are awarded membership of the Institute which is a professional and legal status to join the fraternity of Institute’s members. The membership is a life-longassociation which tends to continue by paying prescribed annual subscription fee. Currently, the Institute has over 5,000 members in Pakistan and abroad. Out of total members, about 20% of members are serving abroad which shows the contribution of the Institute towards global economic development.

Membership Designation

The membership status is of following two levels:

Associate Cost and Management Accountant Fellow Cost and Management Accountant
To become an Associate member, a qualified student has to complete following requirments: To become a Fellow member, an Associate member has to fulfill following requirments:
  • Pass all courses of studies and training modules
  • Industry experience of 3 years
  • Earn at least 40 CPD hours (20 hours verifiable and 20 hours non-veriable)
  • Post-Associateship Industry experience of 5 years at senior management level
  • Earn at least 40 CPD hours (20 hours verifiable and 20 hours non-veriable)

Membership Requirements

Description of Competencies Year(s) Requirement Equivalent Credit Hrs.*
Courses of Studies (18 Subjects) 03 1,620 Lecture Hrs. 108
Training Modules (06) 01 540 Hrs. 36
Experience Requirement (Full-time) 03 6,000 Hrs.** 400
CPD Hours - 20 1.33
Associate Cost and Management Accountants (ACMA) 8,200 Hrs. 546.67
Experience Requirement (Full-time) 05 10,000 Hrs.** 666.67
CPD Hours - 20 1.33
Fellow Cost and Management Accountants (FCMA) 18,240 Hrs. 1,216

Basis for Credit Hours:15 regular hours equivalent to 01 credit hour.

Experience Criteria:Based on 250 working days @ 8 hours per day.