Organizational Setup

Head Office

The Institute’s operational matters are run by a full-fledged Directorate of the Institute. With the Head Office in Karachi, the Institute has its regional headquarters at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. There are more than 260 nationwide employees to serve students, members, corporate sector and other stakeholders. The Executive Director is the operational head of the Institute. The Institute, currently, has 14 Departments and three regions as follows:

Head office Departments

Operational Departments

Support Departments


Planning & Development



Membership & International Affairs

Human Resources

Corporate Trainings & CPD

Legal Affairs

Research & Publications


Technical Support

Information Technology

Corporate Relations

Internal Audit

South Region Central Region North Region
Main Campus, Karachi Lahore Campus Islamabad Campus
Soldier Bazar Campus, Karachi Faisalabad Campus Peshawar Campus
North Nazimabad Campus, Karachi Multan Campus
Hyderabad Campus    
Quetta Campus