Corporate Partners


The liaison of the Institutions with the Industry has always been considered as a major factor for the overall development of economy. The Institutions on the one hand is focusing towards providing human resources with the set of knowledge and skills that, on the other hand, are required by the industry to deliver expected goods and services to the society. Over the period, the explosion of information, e-communication and cross-cultural interaction have squeezed the geographical distances and altogether transformed the perceptions, tastes, lifestyles and spending patterns. Further, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becomes an important concern for the business organization to formulate and comply with the laws, ethical standards and international norms of best practices to align business operations so as to also fulfill social obligations including environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and other societal considerations of public importance attached directly and indirectly to the profitability

It is now expected from the industry, trade and businesses to understand changing demands of the society and to respond them promptly while also keeping balance profitability and societal concerns. To keep business growing and sustainable to the society, they need such human resources who can quickly comprehend the business processes, adaptable to ever changing corporate environment, team worker and above all should have the diversity, sincerity and commitment to perform in a challenging and complex business circumstances. Despite enormous availability of human strength, they are of less utility for trade and commerce particularly because of the reason that there is a complete mismatch in what is required by the industry and what is provided by the Institutions. Further, business organizations focus towards operations and profitability probably put them away from innovation and creativity in the longer term.

Realizing ever increasing need for industry-institution collaboration, ICMAP has launched a Corporate Partnership Scheme to get benefit of each other expertise for mutual growth and development. One of the key objectives of the scheme is to build a partnership to provide continuous and cheaper professional students resource to the corporate sector including government organizations, industry, trade and businesses and their chambers, association and bodies and to provide training opportunity to ICMAP students studying in different programs at undergraduate and post-graduate levels so they may abreast themselves with the practical knowledge, get corporate exposure and learn interpersonal and organizational skills. Apart from human resources, we intend to provide research, development and technical support to the corporate sector for their continuous advancement in terms of organizations own capacity building and to meet consumer needs.

The CPS has been developed to mutually benefit each other and the organization signing under the Scheme will get various partnership benefits. There are following partnership benefits:

Status of ICMAP Corporate Partner

Once the organization will sign MOU under Corporate Partnership Scheme, they will be given due recognition with the status of ICMAP Corporate Partner.

Human Resource Support

The Institute provides services of a full-fledged placement service-cum-Human Resource consultancy bureau at five major centres. It provides free placement and internship services to the corporate world within the country and outside Pakistan through its organized data of more than 5,000 members to respond to the nationwide and overseas vacancies such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Internal Auditor, etc top management positions in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Audit, Costing, Management Accounting, Taxation, Management, Financial Information System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Operations Management, etc. The services include the data of over 15,000 students, who are competent enough to assume entry to middle level middle management positions. The simple way to benefit with this service is to request any of Institutes nationwide offices through a prescribed form and get CVs as per requirement. In addition, if requested, we also provide free services for conducting preliminary interviews for initial screening of candidates and free provision of space for conducting tests / interviews in connection to this support. The organizations will get following benefit:

  • Reduces average selection time and cost by almost 70% as compared to conventional recruitment method;
  • Convenient way to specify the job / internship requirements;
  • Quick access to relevant and most pertinent CVs;
  • Receiving CVs in the standardized format through email facilitating quick access to the profiles;
  • Transparent test services ensuring transparency;
  • Short-listing and screening without any cost to employers;
  • Transparent test services ensuring transparency;
  • Filling skills gap through tailor-made professional development courses as per employers requirement;

The Human Resource support includes partnership for long-term training so as to provide a platform for continuous learning to ICMAP students studying in different programs at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Under the partnership, students may get an opportunity to update themselves with the practical knowledge, get corporate exposure and learn interpersonal and organizational skills for specific period that may vary from 03 to 24 months. On completion of the period, organization may consider them for employment. This would help organizations get such resources which would be readily available to deliver immediately from the date of Under this program, ICMAP will advise organizations to adopt a structured process, however, it can be tailored or altered according to organizations need.

Training & CPD Opportunities

Discount to Corporate Partner in CPD Programs
Under this sub-scheme, an organization may nominate its employees for training and CPD programs administered by the ICMAP and get the discount of 10% to the nominees of Corporate Partner attending such programs.

Tailor-made Training Programs
The Institute may develop, design and implement tailor-made CPD programs for organizations. Recently, SECP has approved the Institute for Directors Training Program under Code of Corporate Governance by which Corporate Partner may get benefit by requesting the Institute to organize exclusive courses or by nominating its Executives to already announced programs.

ICMAP Corporate Guest Speeches (ICGS)
The corporate executives are the best resources to share practical knowledge with the students. Under this sub-scheme, we expect from the organizations to nominate their corporate executives preferably heads of departments and individuals to show their willingness to share their practical experiences in the classroom in any field which may be of students professional development and practical orientation. The organizations and individuals who may be interested to become Institutes partner under this scheme may schedule their speeches with their convenience. Such individuals will be honored by the Institute in a befitting manner.

Industry Visits
The learning through observation will help the students to establish a link between learned concepts and their applications. We expect from the organizations to provide opportunity to students to get practical exposure while on the other hand practical orientation of companys processes and practices will ultimately help organizations get those resources which are familiar to the systems leading to invest lesser time as compared to hiring new staff and give them orientation. Under this sub-scheme, organizations may invite a group of 10 to 50 students to show assembly / production area, manufacturing plant and machines, warehouses, office setup, etc and arrange meeting with departmental heads to get on-site / in-house briefing.

Mentorship Initiative for Leadership
It is the Institutes believe that interpersonal skills are equally important for students and it is primarily acquired through informal learning, observation and continuous demonstration of skills. Under this sub-scheme, we intend to receive nominations from organizations for those departmental heads and senior executives who are interested in volunteer mentorship and can select a group that vary from minimum 3 to 10 students and adopt them for mentorship for a period of 6 months to one-year. We call such volunteer senior executives, Business Leader Mentor (BLM). Through this mentorship, selected students will be in direct formal and informal contact with their BLM to get advices and consultation on reviewing and improving study performance, interpersonal skills, professional ethics, workplace implications, corporate challenges, etiquettes, positive thinking and attitude, etc. There is no formal binding to the quantum of learning but there will be certain protocols which are expected from the mentor and students and BLM will be required to submit performance of students on a prescribed Performa to be provided by the Institute at the end of mentorship period. The BLMs will get due recognition at different forum of the Institute.

Mutual Recognition and Promotion

The Institute will invite the Corporate Partner to become a corporate/individual member of its Corporate Advisory Forum and consider its CEOs for position on the Forums Board as per specific SOPs. This will apart from giving befitting recognition, provide opportunity to the Executives to use ICMAP forum for disseminating intellectual thoughts and ideas. Under this recognition, the Institute may invite the Corporate Partners executives as Chief Guests or Guests of Honor at the ICMAPs events.

In addition to individual and corporate recognition, the Institute may venture with the Corporate Partner to organize a joint program or to support each other programs in general and through sponsorship. The Institute may allow the Corporate Partner to utilize its premises/campuses for promotion of its products or services and in return the Corporate Partner may allow the Institute to conduct counseling programs for its employees.

Research & Development

The Institute may provide technical support to the Corporate Partner and to conduct joint research. The Institute may provide its students resources if required for any kind of research or survey.

Infrastructure and Logistics

The Institute will provide its physical resources and facilities at 10% discount on whatever exiting rates to its Corporate Partner. The facilities would be available to the Corporate Partner for assessments, meetings, professional events, etc.

hilanthropic Support / Corporate Social Responsibility

The Institute is a not-for-profit entity and is striving hard to disseminate professional knowledge and skills to all class of the society. It is the Institutes utmost desire that any financial hardship shall not become hurdle for a talent to grow. Keeping this philosophy, the Institutes generously provide financial assistance to deserving students on merit and need. To keep benefit such deserving students, the Institute under this partnership scheme expects from the corporate sector to compassionately participate by diverting their CSR and other welfare funds to onward provide financial assistance to deserving students. Such organizations will get due recognition in the Institutes events.

The Institute may request its Corporate Partner to provide funds for projects, donations for infrastructure and facilities up-gradation, grants for students financial assistance and professional development, and recognition to students on examination proficiency, etc as part of organizations CSR.