14 Feb
Circular for Students with Exam Applications - MPE & LME, March 2024
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3 Feb
Admit Cards for February 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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30 Jan
Guidelines for Examinees - February 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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The coronavirus (COVID-19) is sweeping the globe and causing colossal damage to human lives; the figure of death almost reaching 100,000 and still the virus is spreading like wildfire. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of global economies and affected the everyday lives of global communities.

This is an unprecedented and difficult time from a human and economic perspective. Lockdown of businesses has crippled the world economies and it looks that we are heading towards a global recession. Pakistan is also under lockdown situation with an increasing trend of coronavirus affectees being seen in almost all parts of the country, especially in Punjab, Sindh, and KPK.

This ‘COVID-19 RESOURCES HUB’ provides useful insight on COVID-19 initiatives taken by the Institute and the Pakistan Government in the wake of situation arising out of outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The information on this hub would be regularly updated. We hope our members would stay tune to latest developments being posted on this hub to navigate through this critical time.