Examination Guidelines

General Procedures
Roll Numbers

Candidates not receiving their admit cards seven days prior to the commencement of the examination should contact the Officer In charge of their examination centre, which have particulars of all the examinees with them to facilitate the examinees.

Change of Examination Centre

Candidate, whose applications have been accepted for a particular examination, may apply for change of their examination centre, by not later than 20th July for the August Examination, and by not later than 20th January for the February Examination.

Deferment of Examination Fee

Candidates desiring to defer the examination fee may kindly ensure that their written/ signed requests should reach the Examination Department by not later than 20th July for the Spring Examination, and by not later than 20th January for Fall Examination. Applications received after due date shall not be accommodated.

Electronic Calculators

Use of non-programmable scientific calculators of any model is allowed subject to the following conditions:

  • Calculators must be self-contained, fully portable and silent in operation.
  • Calculators must have their own power supply since they cannot be plugged into the main supply in the examination hall.
  • Calculators must not have printout facilities.
  • Candidates are strongly recommended to bring their own calculators in the examination. They will not be allowed to borrow calculators from other candidates.
Instructions to the Examinees
  • On receipt of their Admit Card/ Slip, the candidates are advised to check the particulars entered therein. Inaccuracy, if any, must be brought immediately to the notice of the Director Examinations.
  • Examinees must possess and be ready to produce on demand their CNIC, Student Registration Card and Admit Card, issued by the Institute, failing which they may not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  • If a candidate is late by more than thirty minutes, he/she will not be allowed to enter the examination premises. Similarly, no examinee will be allowed to leave the examination hall earlier than one hour after the commencement of the examination.
  • No candidate is allowed to change the seat allocated to him/her for a particular examination paper without the permission of the Centre Supervisor, who has the authority to change or interchange seats of any candidate, if circumstances so demand. Candidates found reluctant will be liable to disciplinary action.
  • Possession of books, notes, previous question papers, course outlines and other related matter on any subject, if brought to the examination hall, should be handed over to the invigilator before the commencement of the examination and taken back when leaving the examination hall.
  • Candidates found talking, whispering, gossiping or seeking assistance or exchanging notes or answer scripts and so on with any person, possessing any notes or using any unfair means, shall be asked to leave the examination premises at once, and a note to this effect will be inserted on his/her script for the attention of the examiner, along with a simultaneous report to the Examination Department for further necessary action.
  • Candidates must make sure that they have received the appropriate question paper from the invigilator so as to avoid any confusion in this regard.
  • The examinees, on receipt of blank answer scripts and supplementary sheets in the examination hall, should instantly record their roll numbers and registration numbers thereon.
  • If required, candidate may ask for additional supplementary sheets, graph paper and log/annuity/present value table from the invigilator.
  • Only fountain pen or ballpoint with blue or black ink should be used for writing answer scripts. No marks will be awarded for questions attempted with pencil.
  • Examinees are advised to attempt the question as printed in the question paper under their own assumption(s). The assumption should be clearly stated in notes to the solution. The examinees are not allowed to raise any query or insist for correction(s) in question papers during the currency of examination. This decision to discontinue the practice of announcement of correction(s) in question papers during the examination.
  • Candidates must start the answer of each question from the new page. They should put down question number, its part and sub-part on each page of answer script so as to facilitate correct assessment of the answers.
  • The examination schedule of each subject is printed on the admit card. Students should carefully note the examination centre, date and timings of the papers and also ascertain, in advance, the exact location of the examination centre.
  • During the examination, an examinee may use the washroom/toilet facility, subject to permission of the Examination Supervisor.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • Refreshments are not permitted in the examination hall.
  • Mobile Phone, Headphone, PDA, Palmtop or Laptop, Pocket PC etc are not allowed in the examination room or premises. Any examinee found carrying / using these gadgets shall be liable to severe punishment, of cancellation of result / registration as per the decision of competent authority.
  • The examinees are not allowed to write anything on question paper except tick mark (√) on the questions attempted.
  • No irrelevant appealing or indecent sentences should be written in the answer script. This will be treated as an unfair means and dealt with accordingly.
  • The above mentioned rules pre-suppose that the candidates have duly submitted the requisite examination applications on the prescribed form and completed all other formalities in this regard and that the same have been accepted and approved by the appropriate authority of the Institute.