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Membership Pathway Programme for ACCA Fellow Members

On 10th March, 2020, Institute of Cost Management Accountants (ICMA International) and ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) have entered a strategic partnership agreement focusing on greater collaboration between both the accounting bodies and creating new opportunities for their members, partners and the country.
The agreement will allow both the organisations to collaborate on delivering inclusive, integrated thinking by glocalising the governance processes, creating new membership pathways, benefitting from their global and local knowledge, experience and reach.
More details are available in the documents which can be downloaded by clicking on them.

ACCA MPP Syllabus
ACCA MPP Legal Module Syllabus
ACCA MPP Examination Pattern for Legal Module
Model paper - Legal Module Exam (LME)
Registration Process
Registration Form
Application for Waiver Form
Third Party Verification Status Form
Model Paper
Mock Questions
Suggested Solutions/ Answers - Mock Questions
Preview of Attempted/ Assessed Descriptive Questions of MPE - Circular and Forms [A & B]
Highlights Membership Pathway Programme
Introduction to ICMA & ACCA Pathway Program

Fellow Members of ICMA International interested to acquire ACCA Membership are requested to visit the below mentioned link on ACCA Website: