Syllabus - Scheme of Study -2018

Operational Level-1


1. Organization
• Form of Organization
• Types of Not-for-Profit Organization
• Stakeholders Role in setting Organization Goals
• Goal comparison between Managers and Shareholders
• Issues related to Principle Agent
2. Return to Shareholders
• Return on Short Run Measures
• Return on Long Run Measures
• Risk and Return- the required rate
• Impact of Financial Performance on Share Prices
3. Demand & Supply Analysis
• Definition of Market
• Demand Curve
• Supply Curve
• Formation of Equilibrium price
• Momentary, Short Run and Long Run Equilibrium Price
4. Price Elasticity
• Calculation of Price Elasticity of Demand
• Impact of Price Elasticity of Demand
• Influences on Price Elasticity of Demand
• Calculation of Price Elasticity of Supply
• Influences on Price Elasticity of Supply
5. Price Instability and Government Measures
• Reasons for Price Instability in Markets for Primary Goods
• Implications of Price Instability for Producer Incomes and Supply
• Price Stabilization Policies
• Minimum and Maximum Pricing Policies in Good Markets
• Minimum and Maximum Pricing Policies in Factor Markets
6. Cost Behavior
• Types of Cost
• Short Run Cost Behaviour
• Long Run Cost Behaviour
• Impact of Long Run Costs on Industry Structure
7. Profit Maximization
• Cost Volume Profit Analysis
• Profit Maximization- Graphical Approach
• Profit Maximization- Numerical Approach
• Influence of e-business on Cost and Market Behavior
• Influence of Globalization on Cost and Market Behavior
8. Competition, Market Effects and Government Measures
• Methods of Business Integration
• Measures of Market Competition and Concentration
• Effects of Monopoly and Collusive Practices
• Competition Policy
• Nature of Externalities
• Government Measures to deal with Externalities
9. Functions of the Financial System
• Finance for Consumers
• Finance for Firms
• Finance for Government
• Role and Functions of Financial Intermediaries
10. Domestic Institutions and Markets
• Commercial Banks and Credit Creation
• Yield on Financial Instruments
• Role of Central Banks
• Influence of Central Bank over Financial Markets
• Global Banking Crises
11. Foreign Exchange Markets
• About Foreign Exchange Markets
• Factors Influencing Exchange Rates
• Government Policies on Exchange Rates
12. Macroeconomic: Trade Cycle
• Factors affecting National Income
• Circular Flow of Income
• Stages in the Trade Cycle
• Impact of the Trade Cycle on Business Environment
13. Macroeconomic: The Role of Government
• Government Macroeconomic Policy Goals
• Elements of Public Finance
• Unemployment
• Inflation
• Fiscal Policy
• Monetary Policy
• Supply side Policies
14. International Context
• About Balance of Payment
• Causes of imbalance in the balance of Payment
• Policies to eliminate current account deficits
• Terms of Trade
• Role of Global Financial Institutions
• Nature and Causes of Globalization