Syllabus - Scheme of Study -2018

Practical Corporate Training Program Level-2

PM5 - Practical Aspects of Business Laws

Corporate Laws
• Company’s Registration
• Requirements for the incorporation of a Company under Companies Act, 2017
• Modes of Company’s name Reservation Process
• Modes of Company’s Registration Process
• Procedure for obtaining Digital Signatures for new and existing Companies
• Procedure of issuance of authorized and paid up share capital
• Maintaining of Statutory Records
• Types of statutory books required to be maintained
• Preparing Meeting Agendas and Issuing Notices
• Conducting and Managing Board Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Extra Ordinary
• General Meeting
• Preparing minutes and resolutions
• Filing of Statutory Returns and Forms
• Procedures for filing returns and forms to Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)
• Filing of Form A, Form 29, Form 21 and other mandatory forms required to be submitted to SECP
Other Laws and Procedures
• Social Security 05%
• Registration with authorities
• Maintaining of Statutory Records
• Calculations
• Filling of Statutory Statements
• Employees Old Age Benefits (EOBI)05%
• Registration with authorities
• Maintaining of Records
• Calculations
• Filling of Statutory Statements
• PPRA Rules20%
• PPRA Rules and Procedures
• Calling of EOl/ Tenders
• Technical & Financial Evaluations
• Award of Contracts
• Human Resource (HR) Policies, Procedure and Rules10%
• Organization Setup and Structure
• Organization Service Rules
• HR Policies, Procedures and Manuals
• Appointment of Chief Executive, Directors and Company Secretary etc.