Research Publications

Proposed Strategy for Economic and Industrial Growth of Pakistan

Book Review
This book provides a brief assessment of the current major issues facing the national economy and the industrial sector and their possible solutions. The Book further proposes a three-pronged strategy for achieving sustained economic growth, which includes accelerating industrialization process; encouraging SME development and promoting savings and capital formation. The main objective of the book is to provide a useful reference to the government, policy makers and the trade and industry about the current economic scenario. The book also includes taxations proposals for Federal Budget 2013-14, and ICMA Pakistan's suggestions for 100 days plan of the new government.

Costing and Tariff Setting in Power Sector of Pakistan

Book Review
This publication covers the tariff setting being done at different stages of complete supply chain of electric power from acquisition of energy sources to generation of electricity, then its transmission and distribution to end consumers in pre-regulatory regime and post regulatory regime. In parallel, it explains costing and pricing mechanism at different levels as determined by the Regulator. The booklet also gives a useful insight on the circular debt issue faced by the power sector and its possible solution.

Mines and Mineral Development

Book Review
The book covers the technical aspects of prospecting, development and operations of mineral in Pakistan with special reference to underground coal mining. The book also covers the physical and financial aspects on procurement of material/ machinery; engagement of manpower and payment of bills of material/ machinery and wages to miners/ other workers and supervisory personnel. Furthermore, the returns and notices on production, accidents as well as the annual accounts to be submitted to the concerned government authorities have also been explained in a lucid manner .

Shareholding Pattern Of Corporate Sector in Pakistan

An Insight on dominance of Business Groups and Families over Corporate ownership structure
Book Review
This brief research provides an insight into the dominance of business groups and family-run businesses over the corporate sector in Pakistan. The study examines the ownership structures of forty-four sample companies from manufacturing and services sectors. The manufacturing segment covers seven sectors viz. sugar, cement, textile, refinery, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals and automobiles, whereas the services sector include banks and insurance companies. ICMAP study concludes that around 64 percent (32 companies) of the 44 selected companies are controlled by the prominent business groups and families of Pakistan.

Capacity Utilization of Sugar Mills in SAARC Countries

Book Review
It is a very comprehensive research study on the capacity utilization of sugar mills in the SAARC countries viz. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The booklet focuses mainly on detailed review of the size and scale of sugar mills in Pakistan and India, their installed capacities and the capacity utilization achieved. The booklet also providess a comparative review of India and Pakistan in the areas of sugarcane cultivation, yield, production, sugar production and recovery ratio.

Cost Audit Handbook (Third Revised Edition)

Book Review
The remarkable features of the third revised edition of Cost Audit Handbook, is the inclusion of a separate Chapter on "Manufacturing Process of Vegetable Ghee / Cooking Oil, Cement and Sugar industries' and glossary of technical terms. Additional material on Cost Audit Program, checklists and manufacturing flow charts of these three industries, have been included. Furthermore, to keep our members on board, this edition also includes a separate chapter on the new Cost Audit Sectors.

Glossary of Management Accounting Terms

Book Review
This concise dictionary contains most important and common terms and definitions, currently in use in Cost and Management accounting. It attempts to provide a convenient reference source, especially for the qualified members and students of our Institute, and generally for all other persons who wish to have better understanding of management accounting subject.

History of Management Accounting Profession in Pakistan

Book Review
This book has been published to pay lasting homage and glowing tributes to the founders of our Institute. The Institute has proudly recapitulated and narrated the story of its birth and gradual development in shape of this book. This book traces the genesis of the profession of Management Accounting in Pakistan, with the founding of the Institute in 1951, and its upbringing over a span of over last five decades. The institutional history covered in the book essentially spans over 55 years from 1951 to 2006. The book is divided into 13 chapters, each describing a different facet of the Institute, not in isolation from each other but one logically leading to the other in naturally flowing progression. Together, they unfold the story of the Institute which, in essence, is the history of the profession of management accounting in Pakistan.

Budget 2012-13 Proposals

Book Review
This special issue on 'Federal Budget 2012-13 Proposals' contains ICMAP's recommendations for bringing reforms in the corporate and taxation laws of the country, prepared on the basis of interactions held with the Chambers of Commerce, trade and industry associations, corporate leaders, decision makers and the CMAs employed in the industry. It also include a paper prepared by the R&P Department on " ICMAP-Government Partnership focusing on 'Cost Efficiency for Economic Stability" - How the Management Accountants can help the government in achieving economic stability, cost efficiency, better utilization of public funds, revival of inefficient organizations, checking inflation and unfair business practices.

Federal Budget 2012-13 Memorandum

Brief Comments on Amendments in Tax Laws Made Through The Finance Act 2012
Book Review
This first publication of the Technical Support and PAO Development Committee on 'Federal Budget 2012-13 Memorandum' provides a useful reference on the amendments made through the Finance Act 2012 in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, Sales Tax Act 1990, Federal Excise Act 2005 and the Customs Act 1969. All the information is given in very concise manner for easy reference and better understanding of members, students and other readers.