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The R&P Department conducts general as well as member-based online surveys which enhances Institute's focus towards research and interaction with various stakeholders. They Survey Reports are regularly published in different issues of Management Accountant Journal.The following is the complete list of survey reports:

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Jan-Feb 2023 Survey on Climate Change and its Impact on Economic Growth
Nov-Dec 2022 Gallup Pakistan and ICMA Survey on Impact of Inflation on the Economy
May-Jun 2022 ICMA-Gallup Survey Post Budget 2022-23 Survey Report
May-Jun 2021 Perception Survey of ICMA Pakistan Members on Government Priorities in the Federal Budget 2021-2022
Nov-Dec 2020 Perceptions of ICMA Pakistan Members on the Benefits of Cost Audit for Pakistani Business and Economy
Mar-Apr 2020 Gallup Survey on Empowering Women for Economic Development
Mar-Apr 2020 Gallup Pakistan Survey on Impact of COVID-19 on Members of ICMA Pakistan
Jan-Feb 2020 Gallup Survey on Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan [Complete Survey]
Jan-Feb 2020 Gallup Survey on Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan [Brief published in MA Journal]
Jul-Aug 2019 Inclination of CMAs towards Startups
May-Jun 2019 Post Budget 2019-20 Survey
Mar-Apr 2019 Significance of Institutional Reforms in Pakistan
Nov-Dec 2018 Use of Big Data Technology in Pakistani Organizations
Sep- Oct 2018 Corporate Sector’s Expectations from the New Government
May-Jun 2018 Post Budget 2018-19 Survey
May-Jun 2018 Saving and Investment Habits of Management Accountants
Nov-Dec 2017 Consumers Preferences for Retail Industry
Jul-Aug 2017 Audit Profession in Pakistan
Mar- Apr 2017 Implications of CPEC on Economy
Jan-Feb 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Pakistan and Role of Management Accountants
Sep-Oct 2016 Adoption of Target Costing Method by Manufacturing Companies in Pakistan
Jul-Aug 2016 Post Budget 2016-17 Survey
Mar- Apr 2016 Expectations Survey for Budget 2016-17
Jan-Feb 2016 Survey on Draft Companies Act, 2015
Sep-Oct 2015 Spending Pattern and Consumption Trend for Food Items in Pakistan
Sep-Oct 2015 Prerogative of Cost Audit
Jul-Aug 2015 Post Budget 2015-16 Survey
Jul-Aug 2015 Lean Accounting Techniques in the Pakistani Industries
May-Jun 2015 Significant Role of Management Accountancy Profession in the Corporate Sector
Nov-Dec 2012 Impact of IFRS Application on Management Accounting Concepts & Principles

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