Action Plans for Government

It has been the policy of the Research and Publications Committee/Department that whenever a new Government assumes charge after general elections, it prepares and submits a set of pragmatic proposals and recommendation on how to tackle the existing economic challenges. In 2013, a '100-days priority agenda' for the new Government was prepared and submitted to Government which covered solutions to national concerns related to energy, security, public, business and governance. These proposals received acknowledgement from concerned government quarters and some of them were considered and implemented.

Similarly, when the present Government assumed office after elections held in 2018, the R&P Committee/ Department developed a 'first-quarter priority action plan' which was submitted to the concerned officials in the Government. The proposed action plan encompasses pragmatic solutions to wide-ranging problems and issues presently being faced by the country at both the internal and external fronts. These issues, inter alia include rupee devaluation; lackluster foreign lobbying; opposition’s allegation of election rigging; water shortage; energy crisis; dwindling exports; defective tax system; corruption; inefficiencies of public sector entities huge public expenditures; etc.